Vintage homeware makes a comeback!

retro homeware

Vintage and retro inspired home ware seems to have made a huge comeback in recent years with many huge High Street retailers and designers cashing in, many charging extortionate prices for pieces which may look the part but up-close are still cheaply made abroad.

One of the things we love here at Virtual Vintage is the craftmanship that goes into creating a vintage piece, be it an item of clothing or something for the home. Long gone are the days when things were made in the UK, so that’s why we search high and low for genuine vintage, kitsch and retro items which were lovingly made with skill and not mass produced, to pass onto our customers. Be it a classic 1950s floral vase, a 1960s kitsch siamese cat ornament or 1970s Italian glass, we have something to suit all tastes when it comes to finding the perfect piece from days gone by to fit into your home.

Here is a selection of our favourite vintage home ware pieces, all available to buy on our website.