1960s and 1970s Biba & Beyond Exhibition in Brighton

vintage biba

You can’t think of the fantastic fashion of the 60s and early 70s without mentioning Barbara Hulanicki‚Äôs iconic Biba store which transformed post-war High Street shopping with its lavish Art Deco influenced interior and Victorian influenced clothes, not to mention purse-friendly prices. Today, original vintage Biba pieces are very collectable... Read more

It’s ugly Christmas jumper season!

Remember the feeling of dread as a child of opening a Christmas present off Gran and Grandad on Christmas Day and praying what you were opening wouldn’t be an awful, ugly Christmas jumper? Well, those days may be long gone (although the memories are no doubt instilled), and this may... Read more

Vintage Iconic Designers: Ossie Clark

What better way to begin March than with a post on highly covetable designer of the 60s and 70s, Ossie Clark! You can’t think back to the bohemian days of the 1970s without thinking of Ossie Clark and the influence he had over fashion at this time. Although perhaps not... Read more

The vintage UK High Street: 1960s-1980s

vintage high st labels

Let’s face it: UK High Street shops don’t often have the best reputation: Firstly there’s controversy surrounding sweat shops and poor pay for hard labour which most often than not results in churned out, poor quality clothing and accessories which run the risk of falling apart after a few wears.... Read more

Top vintage trends for Autumn/Winter 2011

This year has seen many vintage trends storming the fashion runways once more. From 1960s Mod mini dresses to flowing 1970s maxi dresses, one item which keeps reappearing year after year is the 1980s leather skirt! No longer is the leather mini perceived in a bad light, but welcomed as... Read more