5 reasons to buy vintage

With the recent news of an eight-storey building in Bangladesh which supplied clothing to High Street store Primark collapsing and killing 300 people, it has once again brought up the subject of whether we should question the ethics of these throw away fashion stores and whether buying eco friendly fashion is really the way forward.

One way in which you can support ethical fashion is of course by buying vintage. With tonnes of new, poorly made clothing being shipped across the globe every year, surely it’s better to buy vintage clothing that was sourced from the UK, as is the case here at Virtual Vintage Clothing.

Here are our 5 top reasons for buying vintage:

  1. Ethics
    There are no sweatshop conditions where vintage is concerned since factories didn’t move abroad until the late 80s!
  2. Quality
    Since we only source vintage stock from the UK at Virtual Vintage Clothing, approximately 90% was originally made in Britain in small factories with trained staff of a legal working age. Therefore the craftmanship was usually to a higher standard to modern day throwaway fashion with hand stitching and embellishment, plus with decent quality control and better attention to detail.
  3. Individuality
    Since vintage clothing is usually 20+ years old, it is very rare to come across the same piece twice (although it has been known to happen here at Virtual Vintage!), therefore you can most often than not guarantee that no one else will be wearing the same outfit as you, allowing you to really make your style your own!
  4. The High Street copies vintage style
    We have lost count of the number of times we have seen a designer’s latest collection and noticed how they have copied “taken inspiration” from vintage style. This is because designers and High Street stores alike actually have genuine vintage garments in their possession which their design team refer to, to create and predict the next season’s trends. We have seen a certain High Street store make an exact copy of a 1980s C&A batwing jumper a few years ago! Therefore, yet again, you can get an on trend look but with an individual take.
  5. Price
    As we’ve stated, the High Street often copies vintage style, and with the 50s and 60s being so in fashion at the moment, you will find the average high street dress in a classic swing or shift style retailing for about £50-80. An original vintage dress from Virtual Vintage Clothing (sometimes even with its original tag!) will usually retail at an average of £30 or £65 respectively which is better quality, UK-made and of course, individual!